Master Muscle Marathon #run4thosewhocant

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As our tagline suggests come and #run4thosewhocant to support MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY RESEARCH.

The ” Master Muscle Marathon” is an initiative of DARTINDIA NGO to create awareness about muscular dystrophy disease and the hardship faced by children all over the world. We have launched a comic series called “Master Muscle”( based on Karan, a young boy with Muscular Dystrophy who will turn into a neighborhood superhero in the Master Muscle series who helps people in need.

Muscular Dystrophy (MD) is a group of Genetic Diseases characterized by progressive weakness and degeneration of skeletal and voluntary muscles which control and support the movement of the body. It affects cardiac & respiratory functions and other vital organs as well over the period. This condition affects all the muscles of the body and the children gradually lose their ability to walk and subjugated to wheelchair mostly by the age of 8 onwards and do not live beyond their early twenties due to cardiac or pulmonary failure. It is estimated that Over 500,000 Children are affected in India without any “Cure” in sight.

Dystrophy Annihilation Research Trust is a parent founded and funded NGO, are conducting first annual awareness and fund raising Marathon event called “Master Muscle Marathon”. This event’s objective is to purely create awareness among common people subsequently and as a Fund Raising event for our Research as we are not funded by any government agencies or corporate companies as of now. Everyone is welcome to participate, with special invites going out to “Person with Disabilities” such as successful Paralympic athletes, Blade runners, and children from special schools.

 Register here to #run4thosewhocant.

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