The Team



We are a team of dedicated and skilled professionals headed by Dr. Arun Shastry. Our current research focus is on Exon Skipping strategies.

RS AnandRavdeep S Anand: Founder and President. An entrepreneur and highly enterprising business-man, Anand has been at the helm of many innovative ideas for more than three decades. He is a towering personality who is quite popular in Bangalore and has many colorful stories on just about every street or establishment. He loves good food, music and dogs. Not necessarily in that order. Anand and his son Karan play the guitar and enjoy playing classic rock songs. Along with his wife Movin, they are always spreading smiles and bringing about joy everywhere.

Dr. Arun ShastryDr. Arun Shastry: Chief Scientific Officer. Did his PhD in immuno-genetics. Part of his work was done at the prestigious Karolinska University which is the home of the Nobel Prizes. [incidentally the year he attended, Dr.Barry Marshall was awarded the Prize in Medicine whom Arun got to meet later at the professor’s home]. Arun is the one to turn to for singing as he is a skilled singer who can sing in just about any language. He loves to cook and just like in the lab he loves to experiment in the kitchen as well. He is a jovial person who loves hanging around with the children.

IMG_3673Dr. Aravind Sankarmoorthy: Senior Research Associate. Did his PhD in RNA biology. He is an ardent reader of information books and collects encyclopedias and DVDs of premier educational institutions. He enjoys listening to latest Tamil movie songs but when going on long drives in his car prefers Electronic Dance Music. An ardent follower of TED talks, Aravind loves sharing inspiring stories and has a treasure load of biographies which he quotes at opportune times.


Berty Ashley
: Did his masters in Bio-technology. He loves Science, Music, food and is always on the look out for interesting facts. If he is not around in lab, you can find him at a concert (either screaming himself hoarse with the audience or performing for them), or exploring eateries or searching for Pokemons or at quizzes (A certified quiz master)   and spouting obscure facts such as: Did you know the word ‘meme’ now used across the Internet was first coined by Richard Dawkins to refer to a unit of cultural transmission/imitation and replication?

ARAparna Ramachandran: Did her masters in Bio-medical Genetics.She is a voracious reader who is always on the look out for new authors to immerse herself in. She was born and brought up in Chennai and perpetually misses the beach. Aparna loves zany and funny tee shirts and has a wardrobe full of them. She is one of those people who always carry a pen and book with them, regardless of where they are going or for how long they are staying. She loves cycling and takes to Bangalore’s streets often.

Manju ma'amManjula Muniraj: Manju ma’am as she is affectionately known has been with the organization the longest and is an integral part of our daily affairs. She does both HR and admin work which makes her the person to go to in any situation. She is a multi-linguist and almost everyday you can hear her communicate in English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. She is the most sought after person during lunch as she brings some real tasty home-made food!


Sabareesan A: Did his Masters in Chemistry from the National college, Trichy. He loves sports, was the captain of the volleyball team, enjoys kabadi, and is an all-rounder in the field of cricket. He has been in Bangalore for about 2 years now, loves going on long drives and is the pilot of our oligopilot


 Deepika Krishnan: Did her Masters in Organic Chemistry. She is the resident organic chemist and quietest person in the lab and you rarely hear a peep out of her. She makes the best tea there is, enjoys gardening, watching movies and hanging out with her friends.
 Keerthi Ramesh: Did her Masters in Applied Genetics from Bangalore University. She is the resident Cell Biologist. She enjoys trekking, avid marathoner and shopping with her friends.